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Underwater Inspection


Coastal Engineering, LLC performed a routine underwater inspection of the Philadelphia Navy Yard Lift Bridge, in coordination with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC). The bridge is supported on timber piles, timber relieving platforms support each roadway, and the piers are protected by a timber fender system. Our inspection was performed in accordance with the ASCE Waterfront Facilities Inspection and Assessment Manual and ADCI/OSHA regulations. Work included coordination among all stakeholders including

PIDC, US Navy, and local authorities. Previous inspection reports were reviewed and the inspection was performed on 100% of bridge components from the high water line down. All defects were documented with orientation data. Level II and III inspections were conducted on the timber piles, which included removal of marine growth and recording of remaining diameters. The report included a summary of findings, recommendations, field data, and Order-of-Magnitude Construction Cost estimates.

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