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Underwater Inspection / Marine Construction


Coastal Engineering’s ADCI-certified commercial divers first performed an underwater inspection of this railroad bridge. It had previously been determined that repairs would soon be required, and our divers performed a detailed inspection of the footings to assist with the creation of a repair plan. We were subsequently contracted to provide underwater and marine services to perform the recommended repairs.


Work began with the mobilization and assembly of a float stage. Initial work included the hanging of a safety net along the fascia and cleaning of the repair areas via high-pressure water jetting. We then repointed 150 LF of the south abutment footing with Sika VOH. For the next phase, we installed steel decking forms along the undermined area beneath the south abutment footing and encased the north abutment footing with steel decking forms. The bottoms of the steel forms were lined with sandbags and approximately 20 CY of 3500 psi grout was pumped into the forms.

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