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Dam Masonry Restoration
Commercial Diving, Above & Underwater Repair Services


Coastal Engineering performed repairs to the outlet works at Post Brook Dam for the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission. Work included maintenance, leak repairs, masonry cleaning, and joint repointing.


Prior to mobilization, our PE divers and engineers reviewed all data and previous reports, prepared all required submittals including shop drawings and construction details, and provided manufacturer certification letters to certify all materials used for the project. Work was performed with strict adherence to NJDWSC’s work site policies, including maintenance and protection of ancillary facilities which include the Wanaque Reservoir.

During the preparation phase, our team performed an underwater inspection to verify existing conditions and the amount of demolition required.  Lines, levels and coursing were established, stone work was cleaned, shrubbery was removed, and bituminous paint was applied to all ferrous metal contact surfaces. Work included removal of outlet works items including wood posts, steel floor plates, ladder rungs, a copper cylinder, and the 8”D shear gate. Masonry restoration included repointing, and grouting areas of rubble masonry. We replaced areas of failed masonry with matching material and repaired broken and cracked stones. Units that were completely missing were rebuilt with matching stone. All deteriorated cementitious patches were removed and replaced, and new stainless steel mechanical anchors were installed. Work was performed in accordance with all relevant standards, manuals, and procedures including ASTM, AWWA, NJDWSC, ASDSO, and ACI 530.

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