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Commercial Diving Services / Underwater Inspection Services

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Coastal Engineering LLC has been awarded a 5-year contract to provide underwater inspection and repair services in support of the St. Stephen’s Powerhouse and Cooper River Redistribution Project. Our work includes underwater outage inspections of the three hydroelectric generators which provide power to 40,000 homes, and the St. Stephen fish lock, which has passed over 15 million fish since 1988. It has been called “one of the most important fish passage facilities on the East Coast” by a NOAA Fisheries expert. Fishlift inspections include removal and reinstallation of stoplogs, debris removal, and detailed underwater inspections. Unit Outage inspections include inspection, cleaning, and debris removal .

inspection, cleaning, and debris removal from draft tube guide slots and seal plates. Guide Slot repairs include working with a crane contractor to remove the guide slot, drill new holes, remove debris, and reinstall the slot anchors and divider wall.


All work is preceded by the development of Activity Hazard Analyses, Dive Plan, and Safety Plan, and performed in strict adherence to USACE EM 385-1-1, ADCI, OSHA, and ASDSO standards.


Our team is proud to assist with this project that provides power, lowers sedimentation in Charleston Harbor, saves taxpayer money, and allows passage to migrating endangered species

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