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Commercial Diving, QA/QC Inspection


Coastal is providing vital QA/QC services for this project located at the US Naval Academy. The general scope of work is to perform repairs to the seawall at Farragut Field and the bulkhead running along the east side of the Santee River Basin. Our team is providing an Underwater QC Team (UWQC) and Inspections, and a Full-Time Structural QC Specialist.

Our UWQC team consists of experienced commercial divers with all appropriate certifications and equipment. The team will be performing regular surveillance dives and preparing a QC report after each. The dives are being performed both weekly and after major construction milestones. The team’s responsibility is to

document potential problem areas. Coastal is providing a highly qualified four-person dive team led by PE and Engineer Divers who are thoroughly familiar with the design plans and specs. On-site equipment includes a dive station, dive boat, communication equipment, and photographic/video equipment. Inspection items include sheet pile installation, concrete fill between pile walls, tieback installation, fender installation, and cathodic protection. A final underwater QA/QC inspection will also be performed and a detailed final report provided.


Our Full-Time Structural QC Specialist is on-site daily. This Maryland PE is highly experienced in structural inspection, design plans, and specification; his primary task is to recognize and document potential problem areas. In addition to weekly inspections and QC reports, our QC Specialist is surveilling post-milestone work including installation of deadman piles, rebar placement, formwork, and tieback installation.


Included in Coastal’s services for this project are creation of all reports and CQ plans, weekly QC meetings, review of submittal status, resolution of QC and production problems, and review of the APP and other applicable plans.

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