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Underwater Inspection / Marine Construction

Hoboken Shipyard.jpg

Coastal's commercial dive team has performed multiple inspections and evaluations of the floating dock system at The Shipyard Marina. The marina serves as a docking place for personal small vessels, municipal small vessels (Hoboken Fire Department), the Hoboken Sailing Club, and public personal watercraft rentals. Pier 13 serves as a seasonal entertainment platform but is open to the public year-round.

The purpose of the evaluations were to assess the failing components of the floating docks and to offer a possible solution to rehabilitate the existing structure without replacing the entire system. The dock system is composed of sections

of floating concrete docks, from which stem floating aluminum finger piers. The entire system is secured to epoxy-coated steel pipe piles by a series of both steel and aluminum pile guides. Initial inspections determined that components had begun to fail.  The commercial dive team performed underwater inspection, measurements, and a timeline of the deficiencies and failures of the system was developed. The location and extent of damage to the pier components were cataloged, along with recommendations and a plan of action for rehabilitation. 


The team returned to perform underwater repairs to the pile guides on Pier 12. Using drawings provided by the client and manufacturer, our commercial divers assisted with all the underwater work required to assist with the installation of the EZ Dock Bracket system.

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