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Underwater Inspection | ROV Inspection | Leak Testing

Rockland Outfall I.jpg

Coastal Engineering’s ADCI-certified commercial divers and skilled technicians performed underwater, ROV, and dye test inspections of the Hudson River outfall pipe.


Using non-toxic, biodegradable, food grade EPA/FD&C standard dyes, we tested the full 60’ corrugated metal pipe, observing and documenting the results. Our commercial divers then performed a visual and tactile inspection of the accessible end of the pipe. During this process our ROV technicians performed a full detailed video and sonar inspection of the pipe. All data was translated into a report containing leak details, condition table, photographs, video, sonar, drawings, and repair recommendations.

At Coastal, all diving operations conform to OSHA CFR 1910 subpart T regulations, and our staff hold the required certifications to perform these inspections thoroughly and efficiently. Our PE Dive Supervisors hold ASDSO Inspection & Assessment of Dams certifications, FHWA/NHI certifications, OSHA 30/40, ADCI Dive Supervisor credentials, and lifesaving certifications. Our divers hold all applicable diving and safety certifications along with FHWA/NHI underwater inspection courses, technical knowledge, and ability to translate and collate data into report format.

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